Studio Simone is a graphic design and art direction practice situated and working in between London, Salzburg and Berlin. It lives in between the realms of graphic design, art direction, digital design, photography and set. Shown is a selection of works conducted for freelance and commissions but also through studio and studies practiced alongside.
Worked With 

Mont Blanc, Green Affair, Stop The Water While Using Me, L’EAUNDRY Fragrance Laundry Detergent, CHAGA Oils, Tileyard Music, Platoon Ltd. - Apple Music, Mega, Molteno, Mathieu Faubourg, Marie Bashiru, The Intergalactic Republic of Kongo, Belle Fleur Cosmetics, Meissl Open-Air Solutions, Confident Creative’s Club, Declan Carrier, Jetlag, Lucy Straathof Coaching, Stoyo Berlin, Costanza Stocchi Nutrition, KOREFE Hamburg, LEDronic, Assorted Studio, TLGG Berlin, Theresa Kaindl Photography, Book Club London, The Art of Ping Pong, Project AVE, Kelly Anna, Lois O’hara, Marylou Faure, Skye Victoria Projects, Linda Leitner Photography, Toby Melville-Brown, Josh Kye London, James Shaw Studio, Authentic Flow Tribe, YES Holistic, KISKA GmbH and Riposte Magazine

MEISSL SIMONE     |   S.MEISSL@ICLOUD.COM    |  +43 664 4668341   |   IG @MEISSLSIMONE
BASE Salzburg, Berlin, London